Economy Moving & Packing Blankets -Quilted Felt Moving Pads -OWF

One side is the woven fabric and the other side is the felt and there are fillers inside.

General Details
Protect furniture from scratches and scuff marks when moving.
Oversized 72 x 80″ blankets absorb shock.
Zig-zag stitched padding provides consistent cushioning.
Made from a woven fabric /felt and bound all over with a zig-zag lock stitch. Incredibly soft and lightweight, this blanket is perfect for moving, and also storage or padding for furniture. Made from cotton and polyester, this blanket offers adequate and affordable protection for movers and storage. This blanket in particular works especially well in storing and protection.This furniture pad is perfect for protecting picture frames, mirrors artwork, televisions, antique furniture, or anything you want to preserve! The reduced weight will not sit heavy on the item, but will instead cushion with its soft fabric and prevent mishaps.
Product Specification
Product Name  Economy Moving Pad 72″ X 80″
Product Number OWF
Product Dimensions W :72 Inches  L: 80 Inches
Product Weight 65lbs per dozen
Materials One side is the 10 oz burlap and the other side is the felt 280 g/m2
Stitching Zigzag lock-stitching
Binding I inch lock stitched binding on all 4 sides with 4 finishes on corners
Packing Packaged in a bundled bale
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