Burlap Moving Blankets – Space Saver Pad – OSS

General Details

Burlap Space Saver Storage Pads are great for moving and storing furniture and household goods. Movers use burlap blankets when they do not want to use furniture blankets, for protecting items such as lawn mowers, bikes, and garden tools.

It is light weight and durable but without the inconvenient bulk for easier handling. This burlap blanket has 10oz. burlap on one side with a smooth felt 280 g/m2 on the other side and is quilted with zig-zag stitching. Perfect for those who do not need the extra cushion and padding.

Product Specification
Product Name Space Saver Pad 72″ X 54″
Product Number OSS
Product Dimensions W :72 Inches  L: 54 Inches
Product Weight Each blanket weight 3.4lbs
Materials One side is the 10 oz burlap and the other side is the felt 280 g/m2
Stitching Zigzag lock-stitching
Binding I inch lock stitched binding on all 4 sides with 4 finishes on corners
Packing Packaged in a bundled bale
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