Furniture Removal Transit & Shipping Blankets 80″ x 60″ (26 lb/dz weight) -Quilted Moving Pads -OFP

General Details

Furniture Removal blankets are an ideal way to protect furniture while in transit, moving or in storage, usually used in the back of removal vehicles and are used to wrap items of furniture to prevent the furniture from being knocked and rubbed together during transportation.

They are an excellent, and probably the best way, to protect your furniture while in transit. These blankets are made from recycled cotton and are overstitched for extra density. They are excellent for protecting highly polished surfaces like the tops of coffee tables, sideboards, dining tables, large televisions and canvas paintings, as well as large/long pieces of furniture. The high density of the transit blankets means that it will easily protect against knocks and scratches.

Product Specification
Product Name Furniture Removal Transit Blankets 80″ X 60″
Product Number OFP
Product Dimensions W :80 Inches  L: 60 Inches
Product Weight 330g/m2 / each blanket weight 1kg
Materials 100% recycle cotton, clean and soft
Colour Gray
Stitching Zigzag lock-stitching
Binding Lock stitched binding on all 4 sides with 4 finishes on corners
Packing Packaged in a bundled bale
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